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I saw a meme that said “Remember last year when every corporation in America had to pretend they cared about Black people & police brutality for a few weeks? LOL.” 


But for real.  Last week,  I was engaging in one of my favorite pastimes: shopping at Costco. As I wandered up and down each aisle (and through the center, if we’re being honest), I thought “Which Black-owned brands are offered in Costco?”  I wanted to do a fun post about #BuyingBlack in Costco, so . . .

I searched. . . And searched . . . 

What I found: 

  • Costco’s statement on supplier diversity

“Costco Wholesale is committed to working with qualified minority and women-owned suppliers in the communities where we do business.  This is consistent with our overall commitment as a company to foster an inclusive environment, free from inequity and unlawful discrimination.”

  • Costco’s $25 million commitment to the Black Economic Development Fund, a community economic development fund that will steer deposits to Black-owned banks and “offer financing to minority businesses, charter schools, affordable housing projects, and athletic facilities, to support economic development in communities of color.”

What I did not find: 

  • Black-owned brands in Costco.

Maaaybe there are a few but I could only find one: Naturade, a plant-based weight loss high protein shake. 

It’s a tad surprising, especially because Target, on the other hand, has been so vocal about its commitment to supporting Black-owned suppliers. Shelf labels help Target shoppers identify Black-owned brands in the store, and a “Black-owned” filter makes it easy to sort through products in Target’s mobile app. 

In the spirit of buying Black, I opted in to the #MakeTheSwitch challenge to support Black-owned brands for household goods that I typically get at Costco:

Let me know what you think!

Products from We Buy Black’s #MakeTheSwitch Box

2 Replies to “re: Black-owned brands in Costco?”

  1. I love Costco as well. However, if you haven’t already it may be worth contacting Costco and asking why not many Black owned brands, etc. I do find that Costco has very strict qualification requirements to continue with their quality expectations of vendors, as well as the Brand must be able to supply large quantities, etc. Sometimes the demands are high. I used to love to shop with their jewelry vendors. A lot of them pulled out because it wasn’t cost effective for them. While Costco may not have too many Black owned suppliers, I do know they are highly engaged in supporting the community. I went to a very good ministry that is transitioning those released from prison into a program to reorient them to becoming successful and and I was amazed with the products that Costco gives them, (I guess from returns). I purchased new items 70% less than the store.

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