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If you’re my friend, you’re likely tired of hearing me talk about Chuck. On any given day, you can catch me hyped about something Chuck said, or implementing a strategy Chuck taught me. And if you’re really lucky, I’ve slid you Chuck’s number.

Chuck is my secret to LEVELING UP, and yes—Chuck is my accountant.

This pretty much sums up Chuck Burch: As a Detroit native, Chuck received full scholarships to Morehouse and North Carolina A&T. Which did he chose? Both. He decided to enroll at both HBCUs, you know, to make a more informed decision. And informed it was… After that first party on the yard at A&T, Chuck became an Aggie for life!

I mean… Who can blame him? We’ve all seen the G.H.O.E. footage.

Working with Chuck has done wonders for my net worth, so I checked in with him to chat about his secret sauce. Here’s what he shared:

  • Excellence is the standard. G.H.O.E. aside, Chuck is a no-nonsense guy, and he advocates for “perfecting your craft.” That means investing in yourself, emulating models of success, and—in a world of quick side hustles—pursuing what you know and love.
  • Clarify your goals. If nothing else, Chuck’s approach promotes articulating short-term and long-term goals. What are your plans for retirement? What are your goals for this month? Heck, what do hope to accomplish during this meeting? The goal-setting process must be intentional and mindful.
  • Keep score. Once goals are established, identify existing resources and potential obstacles. Implement a plan of attack that aligns with articulated goals. Track progress at least monthly, and integrate systems for accountability and feedback.

Check out a clip of our convo below. In the meantime, need a coach-therapist-teacher-accountant? I know a guy.


3 Replies to ““Have you called Chuck?””

  1. LOL. When I remarried, my wife had some savings. I told her about “CHUCK.” She waited for some time, complaining about her investment, and that over the years, it has only increased by less than 6%. I told her about “CHUCK.” She waited for another few months, and said, “Can We Speak With CHUCK?”

    Six months later, she was not happy, she said, nothing is happening – I told her to wait. In one year, she thought about it, and “CHUCK” had made her $75,000. End of story.

    NOT! I have been with Chuck for over 20 years. he is the best, in any arena. God is my witness.

    Next; I will speak about what he has done for my business.

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