Boosie, Beenie, or Burna Boy? Gumbo or Egusi soup? I’ll take them all, please.

I must say, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the diaspora at its finest. From HBCU drumlines, to Ghana’s borborbor, to New Orleans’ zydeco, to DC’s go-go, to Belize’s punta, the drums of the diaspora pulsate my steps and my soul.

The diaspora, like kente cloth, is composed of brightly-colored strands that, though each unique in their own right, are interwoven together to form a rich tapestry. Blackness transcends borders–not just as a cultural identity, but as a core state of being. As the Atlantic flows into the Caribbean and “waakye” becomes “rice and peas,” an eternal flame burns steady in the hearts of a people.

Join me as I indulge in the excellence of the diaspora–the hustle and creativity that make up the vibrance of Black culture.