Boosie, Beenie, or Burna Boy? Gumbo or Egusi soup? I’ll take them all, please.

I must say, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the diaspora at its finest. From HBCU drumlines, to Ghanaian kpanlogo, to New Orleans’ zydeco, to DC’s go-go, to Belize’s punta, the drums of the diaspora pulsate my steps, and more importantly, my soul.

The Black diaspora, like kente cloth, is composed of brightly-colored strands that, though each unique in their own right, are interwoven together to form a rich tapestry. Blackness transcends borders–not just as a cultural identity, but as a core state of being that has survived generations of genocide and migration. As Africans cross oceans and “waakye” becomes “rice and peas,” an eternal flame burns steady in the hearts of a people.

Join me as I explore the businesses of the diaspora–the very endeavors that reflect the vibrance, resilience, and excellence across Black culture.