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Sundresses. Day parties. Beachfronts. What more do we need? Gemini season is in full effect. Consider these special ways to celebrate your favorite witty-funny-creative-adaptable social butterfly!

a slice of heaven.

Grab a cake or sweet treat from a local Black-owned bakery.

a glass half full.

Night in or night out? Either way, toast to a trip around the sun with a heavy pour from a Black-owned winery or distillery.

a breath of fresh air.

Proclaim growth, harmony, and freedom with an air plant from a Black-owned plant shop, or grab a bright bouquet from a Black-owned florist.

a love note.

Speak to the Gemini’s gift of gab with a notebook or set of note cards from a Black-owned stationary brand.

a touch of glam.

Whether your favorite Gemini prefers a minimalist vibe or loves to make a statement, check out a Black-owned jewelry shop for the perfect piece.

How are you celebrating Gemini season this year?

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