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Oxtails are everything. Don’t @ me.

Turkey gets a lot of hype this time of year, but for me, oxtails are the real M.V.P. Oxtails can be on the pricier side (see also: cultural appropriation), so they tend to be more of a special occasion dish in my home.

Instead of getting oxtails from any ole regular-shmegular meat section, I opt to support Cason’s Fine Meats, a Black-owned butcher shop in Portland, Oregon. Owned by Theotis Cason, Cason’s Fine Meats is a beacon of Black-owned hope in a steadily gentrifying neighborhood.

I was first introduced to oxtails in college, because, well, HBCUs are diverse AF. We had so many students pon de yaad hailing from glorious Caribbean nations. Now, I cannot imagine how I ever lived without those tender, braised chunks of beef.

Check out my favorite oxtail stew recipe here.

Cason’s Meats, Portland, Oregon

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